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Minbari B5 Wars Miniatures
Note: when talking about the number of pieces, stands are not included. Stands, or pylons, come in 2 extra pieces.
All of the models on this page were assembled and painted by
Stuart Layton. Any comments are appreciated.

1- 2- 3- 4-

#1- This is a Minbari Windstar Nial Class Fighter. It comes in one piece.
#2- This is a Minbari Sharlin, which is fairly small compared to other capital ships. It is not too hard to assemble, as it comes in 5 major pieces. Very hard to paint.
#3- This picture shows the Minbari ships to scale with each other.
#4- This is a Minbari Flyer, which in the show is used for communications and scouting. It comes in one piece.

5- #5- this is a Whitestar, which comes in 2 major pieces, plus the bridge and stand.

This site is maintained by Mark.
Contact me if you want to use these pictures, otherwise please leave them alone. Questions about assembly and painting are welcomed.

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