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Centauri B5 Wars Miniatures
Note: when talking about the number of pieces, stands are not included. Stands, or pylons, come in 2 extra pieces.
All of the models on this page were assembled and painted by
Dean Egan. Any comments are appreciated.

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#1- This is a picture of the 2 Centauri Fighters. On the left is a Heavy Rutarian Strike Fighter. On the right is the Standard Medium Sentri fighters. Both are extremely easy to assemble, as they come in one piece.
#2- This is a Vorchan Cruiser. It comes in 2 major pieces, with 2 fairly large guns. Some filing is required.
#3- This is the massive Octurian, which comes in 11 major pieces, with another 12 large guns. The assembly is actually quite easy, but there are a lot of pieces.
#4- A rear view of the Octurian, you can see the fins well.
#5- This side view of the Octurian shows the guns on the top quite well. If you look closely you can see them on the underside as well.
#6- This is Dean's Fleet so far.

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#7- This is a Picture of a Vorchan and an Altarian Cruiser. The Altarian Cruiser comes in one piece, plus 2 guns which are on the bottom.
#8- This is a Dargan Strike Cruiser. Very cool looking, and dont be deceived by how big it looks. Its pretty big. Easy to assemble (comes in less than 5 major pieces)

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This site is maintained by Mark.
Contact me if you want to use these pictures, otherwise please leave them alone. Questions about assembly and painting are welcomed.

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