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Earth Force B5 Wars Miniatures
Note: when talking about the number of pieces, stands are not included. Stands, or pylons, come in 2 extra pieces.
All of the models on this page were assembled and painted by
Mark Egan. Any comments are appreciated.


1- 2-3-

This EarthForce Omega Heavy Cruiser, #1, comes in 6 major pieces, plus 12 extremely small guns. I had to use tweezers to put them on. The E.A.S. Hill, #2, shows the small guns mounted on the top and bottom of the Omega. They are black, and 3 are visible.

The Hyperion Cruisers, #3 and #4, are probably the easiest Capital Ship to assemble in B5 Wars. They come in 1 main piece, the body, plus 4 smaller pieces, 3 of them engines. The other piece is the saucer section at the top.

4-5- 6-

Thunderbolts, #5 are definitely the hardest fighters to assemble. They come in 6 pieces: the 4 extremely small engines and a top and bottom. They are, however, in my opinion, the best looking fighter in B5 Wars.
#5- Both of these Thunderbolts have retracted wings. #8 shows a Tbolt with the extended atmospheric wings.
#6- The standard EA starfury is fairly easy to assemble: 2 pieces, which, as you might guess is the top and bottom.

7- 8- 9-

#7- This is My Earth Force Fleet so far. You can see the partially finished Corvette in the upper right-hand corner. I will add it to this page when I am done with it. As you can see, I like Thunderbolts. 9 of my 17 ships are Tbolts.
#8- A Thunderbolt with extended atmospheric wings.
#9- One of my first Thunderbolts, just here to give a different view.

#10- #11-

#10&#11- The newest addition to my fleet, the EAS Virginia is an Olympus Corvette, which is one of the cooler looking ships I've seen.

This site is maintained by Mark.
Contact me if you want to use these pictures, otherwise please leave them alone. Questions about assembly and painting are welcomed.

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