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Ranger Squad We are the Rangers. The Anla'Shok are loyal to the Vengeance Fleet and the One.


Name Callsign ICQ Number Rank
  Matt   Ranger1   45053023   Commander
  Dan   Korthenn   933820   2nd In Command
  Daniel   Starfighter   ---   3rd Officer
  Keet   Carter   ---   Wingman
  Iain   Abraxus     Wingman
  ---   JamieK   ---   Wingman
  David   Magic   ---   Wingman
  Marcus   Coal   45955018   Wingman
  Matt   Sniper   ---   Wingman
  Jared   Baron   19055608   Wingman
  Joe   Ranger1138   ---   Wingman, distinguished Anla'Shok

More than just fighter pilots, we're Anla'Shok. "We live for the One, we die for the One." Only the most disciplined rangers are accepted in to the Vengeance Fleet's Ranger Squadron.

We were founded in the year 2263. The present is 2264.

We are the eyes and ears of the Vengeance Fleet. We preserve and maintain the peace, and are the force called upon to stand against the darkness.

The Vengeance Fleet was formed by John Sheridan, "For justice, for peace, for the future." (John Sheridan). We're under the joint control of President Sheridan and Entil'Zha Delenn.

The Rangers are an ancient and proud tradition. Used during the great wars against the Ancient Ones, we now have been assigned to the InterStellar Alliance, and the best serve the Vengeance Fleet.

A speech by Entil'Zha Delenn: "You are here because you have expressed an interest in joining the Rangers, and because we believe you are qualified candidates to do so. But first, you should know the essential facts about us. To explain who we are, I must first tell you who we are not. We are not a religious order. Those looking for eternal truths or a spiritual path would do best to look elsewhere. What you believe or don't believe regarding religion, God, the soul, or the meaning of life is your business, and no one will try to evangelize you to another belief. You will find, however, that Ranger training is steeped in Minbari religious tradition, so if that bothers you, if you are not open-minded enough or secure enough in your own beliefs to be able to honor their traditions while keeping faith with your own, again, you'd be better off elsewhere."