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Nova Squad We are the Nova Squad. We are loyal to the Vengeance Fleet.

Name Callsign ICQ Number Rank
  Mark   Nova   45073893   Commander
  ---   Lord Refa   ---   2nd In Command
  Dean   Valarius   ---   3rd Officer
  Chris   MAX   ---   Wingman
  Kevin   Stampede   42403113   Wingman
  Lane   Sangius   ---   Wingman
  Scott   Death   ---   Wingman
  James   Oynix   ---   Wingman
  Jenson   Slider   ---   Wingman
  Mark   John 3:16   ---   Wingman
  Gareth   Emmisary   13461458   Wingman

We are space fighter pilots, members of the Vengeance Fleet's Nova Squad. We fight for the peace and justice of the InterStellar Alliance, terminating that which threatens our way of living.

We were founded in the year 2263. The present is 2264.

We are veteran soldiers, trained to handle the toughest of combat situations. We do not surrender. We are spread across known space, assembling whenever duty calls. We are everywhere.

The Vengeance Fleet was formed by John Sheridan, "For justice, for peace, for the future." (John Sheridan).

The Nova Squadron was designated as one of the three squads to form the Vengeance Fleet. Before being assigned to the Vengeance Fleet, part of us were a member of squad "Oasis" on the Earth Alliance Explorer ship "Casadonia".

We are well-rehearsed in Combat situations. Specializing in full-out attacks, we are the first squad called in. We lead the Vengeance Fleet when attacking.

"The Nova Squad enforces peace, along with the rest of the Vengeance Fleet. It symbolizes the ultimate aspiration of a young fighter pilot." --Commander Mark "Nova"

"Nova Squad s'like an older brother, from what I heard. Even though they rough sometimes, bend the rules here and there, (heck, or maybe even break a few), they get them job done. --Jeff Sanders, a Utah Farmer

We are loyal to the Vengeance Fleet. We Stand Against the Darkness. We are the Nova Squadron.