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The Vengeance Fleet

The year is 2263... What's left of Centauri Prime is burning. The Shadow War has ended. The young races call upon a political alliance- a fleet of mixed fighters, including the Centauri, Minbari, Humans, Narn, and others. The fleet is called the Vengeance Fleet. Composed of 3 squadrons, the Vengeance Fleet is a political symbol of peace and cooperation. It is much more cohesive and loyal than the orginazation that it serves, the Interstellar Alliance.


"For justice, for peace, for the future, we have founded the Vengeance Fleet."
--President John Sheridan

"I think the Vengeance Fleet is a great idea. It gives a sense of unity to all the races, not just those who can afford it."
--Lt. Jack Keffer, brother of Lt. Warren Keffer

"The Vengeance Fleet is a motivation for young people like me. To someday be a part of the Vengeance Fleet is every fighter pilot's dream."
--Cadet Cady Smith, Starfury Pilot in training

"The Vengeance Fleet is the pride and the glory of all the pilots in the Interstellar Alliance. Although the Vengeance Fleet has only encountered one combat situation, we are proud to say that our pilots are the best in the league."
--Commanders Mark "Nova" and Matt "Ranger One" of the Vengeance Fleet