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B5 CCG Deck Recipies


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"What Happened"(Human B5 Deck)
"First Strike"(Human Military & Diplomacy Deck)
"Intriguing, isn't it?"(Centaury Intrigue and Military deck)

I like to call this deck What Happened? because by the time you are done with your opponents, they are wondering what happened. -----Mark

Human B5 deck

by Athame


Let's go for sixty cards and win before your opponents get their act

Aftermaths (4)
Refugees x2
Their Own Destiny x2

Agenda (5)
Alliance of Races x3
Peace in our Time x2

Character (11):
Lt. David Corwyn x2
General Hague
Michael Garibaldi
Underground Telepath
Rogue Telepath

Conflict (3):
The Great Machine x2

Contingency (2):
Peace Dividends x2

Enhancement (3):
Upgraded Defenses x2
Obstacles to Victory

Event (20):
Not Meant to Be x3
For the Common Good x3
Support Babylon 5 x3
Meditations x3
The Greater Good x2
Merchandizing B5 x3
Glitch x3

Fleet (10):
Fleet of the Line
Homeworld Fleet
Deep Space Fleet x2
B5 Fighters
Support Fleet x2
*Colonial Fleet

Group (1):
*Psi Corps Intelligence

Location (1):
Sigma 957

There. 60 exactly. I selected a generic opening hand - if you have something
cute in mind like taking advantage of the military force (you'll be very
strong in military: one card in six is a fleet) by a first turn Military
Buildup + 1st Battle Fleet + Crusade, go right ahead. Add B5 War Council if
you feel like it. Or go dip and add rally the people and some other fun
stuff, sure.

As is, the deck has just one purpose - push B5 influence up fast and win
with it. Alliance of Races gives you 30 or so final power, quite enough for
a Major victory. If it fails, Peace in Our Time will make you if not winner,
probably second place holder. You're strong enough on most fronts, and
probably supreme in Psi, which is your key against We Are Not Impressed.
Other anti-power enhancements are to be dealt with using Glitch when the
time is right.

First Strike by Mark

Human Military & Diplomacy Deck- this deck is not as powerful as 'what happened', but it is still quite effective, especially for friendly games, and for people that dont have access to every single card. The basic strategy is to push your power past 20 using conflicts and agendas.

Agendas: 1
Power Politics

Characters: 8
Jeffrey Sinclair
Senator Voudreau
Frederick Lantz
Susan Ivonava
General Hague
John Sheridan
Stephen Franklin
Miagi Hidoshi

Groups: 1
Psi Corps Intelligence

Conflicts: 13
MGunboat Diplomacy (3)
MBorder Raid (3)
MLimited Strike (3)
DTest Their Mettle (2)
DAffirmation of Power

Aftermaths? None, unless you ABSOLUTELY have to have one.

Events: 12+ (add some more, these events are the bare minimum)
Bloodied but Unbowed
Glitch (2)
Special Ops
Level the Playing Field (3)
Medical Assistance
Eliminate Threats
Fleets on the Border
Sneak Attack

Fleets: 14
Picket Fleet
Utility Fleet (2)
Homeworld Fleet
First Battle Fleet
Second Battle Fleet
Support Fleet (3)
Deep Space Fleet (2)
Expeditionary Fleet
Fleet of the Line
Colonial Fleet

Locations: 1

Enhancements: 3
Mobilize Reserves (2)
Fleet Support Base

Contingencies: 1


The first thing I usually do is bring out Ivonava and then promote her. I usually put a Deep space fleet and a border raid in my starting hand, to have a quick build of influence. After that, initiate a border raid, and then from there it is totally open.


"Intriguing, isn't it?" submitted by Stuart

Centauri Intrigue and Military Deck

Terra Firma
Miniester Verano
Gunboat Diplomacy *2
Lord Refa
Things to come
First battle fleet
Second Battle fleet *2
Centuri Agent
Loyal Guardsmen *2
Ambitious Captain
Emporer Turhan
Rise of the Republic (starting hand)
Lady Morella
Centauri Prime (starting hand)
Londo  (starting hand)
Colonial Fleet
Minister Durano (intrigue of 9) (sh)
Prey on the Weak *3 (sh)
Disruption *3
Border Raid
Hire Raiders
Twisting the Knife*2 (sh)
Liberating rescorces
Picket fleet
Support fleet*3
Homeworld fleet
Picket fleet
Deep space fleet
Attack babylon5
Centauri Telepath
Urza Jado
Expiditionary fleet
Tollonius VII
Border raid
Centuri aid
Vir Coto
Level the Playing field *3
Glitch *2

Opening moves: Build influence to 10, bring out Minister Durono. Next turn promote him to the inner circle and the turn after that bring out homeworld and do an Intruige conflict (you should win so rotate Centuri prime and play the after math"Twisting the Knife" and youv'e got 13 influence). Then play the agenda "Rise of the Republic", hidden (counts highest tension as power so if narn is playing you have 17 power!!!!!!). The only weekness is Diplomacy but with emporer turhan and a few others that is not a major problem.

Others will come shortly.