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Dark Angel Squad


Name Callsign ICQ Number Rank
  Stuart   Galen   45664058   Commander
  Denzil   Apollo   ---   2nd Officer
  Sidney Lien   Templar   ---   3rd Officer
  Jim   Dragon1   ---   Wingman
  Asaf   Phantom   32590166   Wingman
  Asia   Komodo   ---   Wingman
  Phil   Darkstar   ---   Wingman
  Matt   Destiny   ---   Wingman
  Niall   Falcon1   ---   Wingman
  Nate   Melkor   9112261   Wingman
  Jim   Shalinor   48378099   Wingman

We are Dark Angels. We oppose all those who oppose Light, Truth, and the Vengeance Fleet. We are a mix of Techno mages and pilots united in cause.

We are the nightmare that destroys evil and upholds the truths of justice and liberty. We are the fear you see in the eye of your enemy. We have been trained to strike deep and painfully into the heart of the conflict for we are DARK ANGELS.

As Pilots and Mages we use powers from beyond the rim, and thus only known to us and a few Firstones. Taught by our masters the secrets of the ancients, we have been sworn to uphold justice. Showing ourselves when we are least wanted but most needed, we strike with force of indescribable magnitude. Those who cross our path and live to tell of it only see us again in their nightmares. The secrets of the Technomages have been calling to you and that is why you have come. We hold no grudges because we have no living enemies. If you are worthy and strong enough you, too, some day may be called one of us, not just a pilot but a DARK ANGEL.