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   B5 CCG us a Collectible Card Game, based on the Babylon 5 universe. It is complete with characters, ships, events, battles, and other things you'd expect from the show. It is a similar to Magic, but according to most fans it is much better. There is something really fun about owning cards that have things you recognize from TV. Example: While watching B5 you say, "Did you see the Whitestar's kick some Shadow butt? I have a fleet of my own!"

   All the cards have actual pictures from the show and also contain captions and interesting facts. The cards also tend to maintain there value and as the popularity of Babylon 5 and hopefully Crusade increases, so will worth of the cards.

   Each player assumes the role as leader of a race or group. The 6 are:
      -Centauri (excellent Intrigue and have access to the Shadows)
      -Human (good all around, have influence over Babylon 5)
      -Minbari (strongest military, have access to the Vorlons)
      -Narn (good military, good diplomacy)
      -Non-aligned (good all around)
      -Psi Corps (powerful psi and intrigue)

"Severed Dreams";)