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Narn Pics

B5 Wars Ships
This site is maintained by Mark

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Narn B5 Wars Miniatures
Note: when talking about the number of pieces, stands are not included. Stands, or pylons, come in 2 extra pieces.
All of the models on this page were assembled and painted by
Denzil Egan. Any comments are appreciated.


#1-These Frazi fighers are the Narn's only heavy fighter. They are probably the easiest fighter to assemble, coming in one piece.
#2-This is a G'Quan Heavy Cruiser, and it is one of the hardest Narn Capital ships to assemble. It comes in 6 major pieces, some of which have to be twisted and filed extensively. But once they're done, they look pretty sweet.
#3- This is a picture of an unfinished Bin'tak Dreadnaught, next to a Frazi fighter and Denzil's hand, to get a feel for the scale. It is one of the biggest ships in B5 Wars, as big as the Centauri Octurian. The Bin'Tak is fairly easy to assemble, as it comes in 5 major pieces, which fit together very easy.


#4 & #5- These are mostly unpainted T'loth Assault Cruisers. They look pretty cool, and are fairly large. They come in 3 major pieces, with 2 very small guns.
#6- This Thentus Missile Frigate is fairly small, and comes in one piece. Nothing much to discuss here.

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#7- This is Denzil's Narn Fleet so far. It shows the scale of the ships fairly well. More ships are coming soon.
#8- This is a Gorith Medium Fighter (unpainted except for black). Event though they are medium, they are bigger than the Frazi Heavy Fighters.
#9- This is a Narn Rongoth Destroyer, totally unpainted.
#10- A Narn Thentus Frigate.

This site is maintained by Mark.
Contact me if you want to use these pictures, otherwise please leave them alone. Questions about assembly and painting are welcome.

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