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B5 Wars Pictures

B5 Wars Ships
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Recently Updated!!!!! (June 8)

Due to so many more pictures of ships, we have decided to create one page for each of the races. So here are the pages for the races:

To give you a taste for the pictures below, here is a picture of a Hyperion Heavy Cruiser, Omega Destroyer, Octurian Battle Cruiser, and a half-finished Bin'Tak dreadnaught.

Many people have asked about the scale of ships in B5 Wars. Agents of Gaming (AoG) keeps the scale of ships as accurate as possible (with the conflicting sizes given in the show), in the following system: Capital ships are all to scale with each other, fighters in their own class, and then Heavy Combat Vessels, such as an Olympus Corvette and Whitestar, are in scale with each other.

Earth Force Ships
-Omega Class Destroyer
-Hyperion Class Cruiser
-Thunderbolts (heavy fighter)
-Standard Starfury (heavy fighter)
-Olympus Corvette

Minbari Ships
-Sharlin War Cruiser
-Windstar Nial Heavy Fighters
-Minbari Flyer (transport)

Centauri Ships
-Octurian Class Battle Cruiser (BIG)
-Primus Class Cruiser
-Sentri Medium & Rutarian Heavy Fighters
-Altarian Destroyer
-Dargan Cruiser

Narn Ships
-Bin'tak Dreadnaught (BIG)
-G'Quan Heavy Cruiser
-Thentus Missile Frigate
-Frazi Heavy Fighters
-T'loth Assault Cruiser
-Dag'kar Missile Frigate
-Gorith Fighters


Coming Soon:

EarthForce Nova Dreadnaught