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What is the B5 CCG?

The B5 CCG is a Collectible Card Game, based on the Babylon 5 universe. If you have ever played Magic, it is similar to that, although a HECK of a lot better.

All the cards are actual pictures from the show, most of them very impressive. The B5 CCG is the 3rd top CCG game in the US, after Magic, and Star Wars/Star Trek.

There are 5 races, soon to be 6 with the release of the Psi Corps editon:

-Human (good all-around, have immediate access to B5 influence)

-Minbari (they excel at Military, access to th Vorlons)

-Narn (good at military, decent at diplomacy)

-Centauri (excellent at Intrigue, and access to the Shadows)

-Non-aligned (excellent all-around)

-Psi Corps (probably good at Psi, Intrigue)

The game consists of the following types of Cards:

Events- the backbone of most decks, event's effects are immediate upon playing.

Fleets- Military abilities, for attacking, supporting, etc.

Characters- abilities of the following: Diplomacy, Psi, Intrigue, and Leadership.

Groups- such as 'Psi Corps Intelligence', give certain abilities.

Locations- Locations such as homeworlds, outposts.

Conflicts- cards which allow attacking and the building of power.

Aftermaths- cards which are played after conflicts, that usually have lasting effects.

Enhancements- allow you to perform "upgrades" and such to characters, locations, factions, fleets, etc.

Contingencys- cards that are face-down, until "triggered" by something. Eg- Bluff "when attacked, return the target to your hand."

Agendas- a necessity of a good deck, agendas allow you to gain power, influence, etc. in different ways than conflicts.

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